We are currently looking for forward thinking companies and individuals who are interested in joining our community as founding members.


As an individual, there are multiple ways you can get involved. If you, like us, see the value in a community driven approach to structure data, we welcome you to join the committees that work on creating and improving the data schemas.

You can also use said schemas to share your knowledge to the industry, whether it be guidelines and best practices for printing techniques or a deep understanding of mold prevention processes.

We also welcome anyone with tech backgrounds, both to contribute to the continuous development of our protocol, but also for anyone to build new innovative apps and solutions, using the Fabriqo Protocol.


If you represent an organsation, we are also looking for sponsorship. This can be either financial contributions that keep the initiative going, but even better would be sponsorship in terms of resources.

We know there is vast knowledge and historical understanding of the industry, in all organisations. By encouraging the people within your organisation, to participate in this initiative, we'll be working to better the industry for everyone!

Founding Members

It's lonely here right now, but we are looking forward to build this community together.

Keep me in the loop!

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