The Connected Fashion

Fabriqo addresses the Fashion industry’s high barrier to digitization, which has for decades impeded the meaningful adoption of the sustainable innovations and solutions that contemporary consumers demand.

By developing an open, cloud-based platform, we are creating the structure and tools needed for the industry and community to share, discuss and agree on best practices in terms of data formats and knowledge. Encouraging experienced industry leaders to contribute with their knowledge could reduce the start-up time for newcomers, paving the way for innovative solutions.

On-demand access to such quality data will dramatically influence workflows and decision making, positively impacting speed-to-market, profitability, and sustainability, thus better-achieving user goals throughout.

Our steps



Collaborate with other industry experts and decide what defines a product



Implement the Schemas when creating Blocks that describe your own data and products.



Create Apps that use the Blocks for building and sharing data.


It's time to make a change. The fashion industry needs a reboot and this time, we have to get it right!

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